Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A picture as a basis

Thought i'd better get started.  I'll be putting up images that inspire me mostly towards what I want to do fashion wise.  I love this pic.  I believe it is 1920's.  Everyhting in this photo says something to me.  The peacock feathers, the headscarf, fingerless gloves and off the shoulder blouse.  The jewellery compliments.  She could be wearing a heshen bag and it wouldn't matter really.  She is wearing so many things yet she is not clutters, she is just complimentary.  I figured this is a good starting point.  It is classic, stylish and raw.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fashion minus the trends????

Ahh does that make any sense, not likely. what i mean is trying to remove the clutter of trends and figuring out what can be marketted for that season. Instead looking at timeless styles and also going back to nature. I am just figuring this all out for myself so this will be a bit of a journey for me. I've been exposed to some exciting fabrics lately. banana being a favorite, so I am inspired. I love being inspired.