Thursday, May 29, 2008

My very first machine and some sewing

This is my first ever machine.  isn't she perty!  I think i mentioned this machine in another post so i'll wait to talk about her in case i did.

After procrastiating for 3 weeks i have finally made my first item of clothing and it only took half an hour. A pair of pants for Asha made from a vintage sheet. the elastic is wonky but it fits her nicely i think. she isn't wearing a nappy with them but they do fit a nappy also.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Katanya tagged me with is one.
This started at Smokey Mountain Breakdown and the rules are as follows. Answer each of the five questions. Tag five bloggers you would like to pass the meme to. Have them link back to you and to this post as the source meme.

1. What food do you consider the best “date” food? In other words, what meal or food item do you think is sexiest to eat in the company of someone you would like to look sexy around?

I'd have to say restaurant french.  the meal is so pretty and delicate that you don't want to go all messy with it.  You savour it, like you should savour other things.  The desserts are heaven too.

2. What well-known person would you like to share a meal with — with or without clothing (saying whether or not clothes are involved is optional)?

Oh gee.  Ewan McGregor would be up there.  He impresses me with his onscreen and off creen pursuits.  Very genuine.  Otherwise Will Smith would be interesting to share a meal with.

3. What does your perfect breakfast-in-bed look like? (Food AND the details, please. Candles? Music? Flowers? Hot tub? Dancing girls?)

perfect scrambled eggs, pumpkin toast, baby spinach, grilled asparagus, bocconcini and a latte. One flower would be perfect   This of course is after the real main course ;) hehe.

4. What do you consider the best application of whipped cream to be?

on an apple turn over or fresh stawberries.  i'm not a food during sex type of person

5. Oh-God-No, Biff, the yacht is sinking! You are sent to the galley to retrieve the food. What luxury food items do you snatch first? The champagne? The caviar? Smoked Salmon? Truffles? Chocolate? Or something else?

red wine for certain and assorted quality chocolates including some dark chocolate covered cherries.

alternatively some furstenburg beer and some gourmet pizza.

Now to find some people to tag.  Just tagged Mandy

my other opshop pick up

Woohoo! I have a sewing machine and i love her.  I'll have to take a pic later as the only pic i found online was in no where near as good a condition as my machine.  She's a Singer 507.  I believe made in the late 60's.  My mums readers digest  sewing book was a big help in threading the machine and i managed to make a prefold yesterday.  It's not too bad, a bit wonky but I'm getting the hang of it.  I love how simple this machine is.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Gotta love op shops

Forget malls, I love op shopping, What shop has a larger range of clothing than an opshop.  Granted you have to wade your way through the really bad clothing but you will always find some gems.  I usually go weekly.  Here are my most recent pick ups.  Please excuse the self photography.  I am actually a good photographer but when you take photos of yourself without a tripod its a bit difficult.

Outfit 1 
outfit 2  - same top and i love these brown pants.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Getting started

The creative juices are flowing.  I received a book i'd ordered online about fashion illustration and after looking at it my rain just started ticking away.  I felt alive.  This is what I used to do.  I'd sit by myself with a fine tip pen and draw, but since having kids I guess I felt I didn't have the time to do this.  I felt inspired by some of the picture but I was clearly coming up with my own designs.  I was note taking too.  Felt like I was at uni again, but in a good way.  I wont be posting any of these drawings as basically i've become paranoid, but I will continue blogging.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A picture as a basis

Thought i'd better get started.  I'll be putting up images that inspire me mostly towards what I want to do fashion wise.  I love this pic.  I believe it is 1920's.  Everyhting in this photo says something to me.  The peacock feathers, the headscarf, fingerless gloves and off the shoulder blouse.  The jewellery compliments.  She could be wearing a heshen bag and it wouldn't matter really.  She is wearing so many things yet she is not clutters, she is just complimentary.  I figured this is a good starting point.  It is classic, stylish and raw.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fashion minus the trends????

Ahh does that make any sense, not likely. what i mean is trying to remove the clutter of trends and figuring out what can be marketted for that season. Instead looking at timeless styles and also going back to nature. I am just figuring this all out for myself so this will be a bit of a journey for me. I've been exposed to some exciting fabrics lately. banana being a favorite, so I am inspired. I love being inspired.